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Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

By Cade Simpson | February 13, 2013

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge image

Where: East Galveston Bay (north shoreline)
When: Late Winter
Temps in mid-50s. Winds NE around 15mph.
Wedge Tail Mullet, TTF Killer Flats Minnow, Rat-L-Trap
HNL Map:

Accommodations: For anglers planning to arrive the evening before their fishing trip to the Anahuac Refuge or perhaps multi-day outings, the Winnie area offers several excellent choices: Winnie Inn Suites and RV Park, Days Inn, La Quinta, and Comfort Inn.

Food: The are several choices for a quick bite or a nice sit-down meal in the Winnie area: Papas Place, Macho Mexican Restaurant, or Al Ts Seafood and Steakhouse.

Hitting the Water
On all prior trips to East Bay I spent the majority of my time roaming the marshes of the south shoreline and through the skinny water off the ICW. Until this trip I had yet to fish the northern shoreline and I was excited.

There are two main access points to the north shore region of East Galveston Bay; one being Smith Point, the other is through the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge. I chose the Refuge. I studied my fishing maps and became especially curious about fishing in and around Robinson Lake.

Access to the Anahuac Refuge is via FM1985. The park is open 24/7, there is no gate to contend with. When you pull into the Refuge you will drive a few miles on a hardtop road, eventually coming to the parks headquarters. Continue past the buildings a few hundreds yards and you will find a gravel road branching off to the right. This is your road to the boat ramp. There is a sign at this intersection indicating the boat launch.

On an exceptionally low tide you may find yourself dragging your kayak a few yards from the launch to reach water you can paddle, but its no big deal. Of course if you're with a partner or a group you can help each other.

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