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Chris Mapp

Chris Mapp, owner of Coastal Bend Marine.
Yamaha, Evinrude, Suzuki, Mercury, Honda, BlueWave, SilverWave, Haynie, & El Pescador.
Service, Parts, and Sales.

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 Water in Boat Fuel Not Always Due to Ethanol
By Chris Mapp, March 17, 2015
Water in your boat's fuel tank and fuel system can be costly to remove and can damage an engine beyond repair if not caught in time. There are ...

 Your Outboard Needs a De-carbon
By Chris Mapp, February 10, 2015
That probably sounds Greek. So what does it mean when your factory-certified service tech says, "We need to perform a de-carbon due to ...

 Increasing Range of Power-Pole Remote
By Chris Mapp, January 13, 2015
"My new Power-Pole does not have the remote control distance my old one had." We hear this often from owners who have recently ...

 The Importance of Annual Maintenance
By Chris Mapp, December 9, 2014
Regular maintenance is the key to longevity and performance of all equipment and machinery–especially so on boats and outboard engines used in ...

 Harmful Effects of Ethanol in Gasoline
By Chris Mapp, November 11, 2014
I do not believe a day goes by when I do not see ethanol-related problems coming into the shop. Ethanol in gasoline is costing recreational boat ...

 Sniffing Out “Sneaky” Oil Leaks
By Chris Mapp, October 14, 2014
We have seen a variety of salt and mineral corrosion issues over this past season and one that stands out is the engine oil cooler on the Suzuki ...

 Things to Know About Hydraulic Steering
By Chris Mapp, September 16, 2014
Hydraulic steering has many advantages over cable steering but not totally without problems. Let's say you notice oil dripping from the steering ...

 “Who needs navigation lights? I don’t fish at night!”
By Chris Mapp, August 14, 2014
September is a great month to be out on the water and as we start getting the first mild cool fronts you will notice as the air temperature ...

 Evinrude Reinvents the Outboard Engine!
By Chris Mapp, July 15, 2014
A two stroke on steroids, Evinrude reinvents the outboard engine with the new E-TEC G2 series. Last month I had the privilege to visit ...

 The Importance of Careful Engine Flushing
By Chris Mapp, June 12, 2014
Some of the boat performance puzzles we are asked to solve can be rather difficult for operators to diagnose by themselveslike this one. Have ...

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