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 Parismina's Tarpon Paradise
By Joe Doggett, December 9, 2014
Guide Kenneth Prendas idled the 21-foot center console into shallow water near the mouth of Costa Rica's Rio Parismina. Weak surf broke across ...

 Yesterday's Bays
By Joe Doggett, September 16, 2014
At least a dozen of my fishing friends are convinced that I am stuck in a time warp. Maybe they're right. This is because I prefer using ...

 Memories and Makeovers at Mansfield
By Joe Doggett, July 15, 2014
A clean pothole punctuated the dark grass flat ahead. Beyond the wind-riffled flat stretched the solitude of the salt-blasted King Ranch ...

 The 'Baffin Bay' for Big Bonefish
By Joe Doggett, May 13, 2014
The dapper bartender at Deep Water Cay placed the gin and tonic on the counter. The tall glass looked great, lots of ice, a manly slug of ...

 Let 'Er Rip
By Joe Doggett, March 13, 2014
Penascal Point on the southern tip of Baffin Bay was wild country back in the mid '70s. Support systems were hours away and nobody knew the ...

 Green with Envy
By Joe Doggett, January 14, 2014
King Xerxes, ruler of ancient Persia, once became so vexed at the sea that he whipped it. Well, that's not quite correct. Apparently, the king ...

 Double or Nothing
By Joe Doggett, February 13, 2013
The best clutch cast I ever made with a fly rod was on a tarpon about 20 years ago in Belize. We were poling in a skiff across a vast sand flat ...

 Bass vs Trout, Which is Best?
By Joe Doggett, November 9, 2012
Any angler seriously considering the purchase of a Texas All-Water Fishing License surely realizes that the top sport fish in freshwater is ...

 Five Ways to Lose a Trophy Trout
By Joe Doggett, October 18, 2012
Take up the slack, Jack; use sharp hooks, Brooks; don't blow the strike, Mike. With a sideways nod to singer/songwriter Paul Simon, this is not ...

 The B-Team
By Joe Doggett, October 1, 2012
We were anchored on a green July tide near the end of Galveston's South Jetty. We were "free shrimping" - casting live shrimp against ...

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