Abandoned Crab Trap Removal

TSFMag Staff
Abandoned Crab Trap Removal
There was a day when abandoned crab traps littered virtually every mile of Texas saltwater. Back in 2000, The Lagoon at Port O'Connor looked more like a mushroom farm than a good place to fish. There were Styrofoam markers bobbing everywhere, most had been abandoned. Ronnie Luster decided it was time to act.

With CCA clout, and friends at TPWD, the Texas legislature enacted a 10-day annual closure of the crab fishery. Today we have Abandoned Crab Trap Removal Program during which a mostly volunteer force of conservation-minded anglers ply the bays to remove "ghost traps" that have accumulated.

The photos shown here demonstrate the effort at Charlie's Bait Camp, February 21, 2009.

TSFMag salutes all who support this conservation effort.