Trash Bash

TSFMag Staff
Trash Bash
Capt. Randall Groves is not your average kind of guy or fishing guide. Randall takes his job of fishing guide to greater heights than some in his profession. A few issues back we ran a "Memory Maker" piece that told the story of Randall's effort to assist a cancer victim get his life back together following surgery and treatment for a brain tumor and we saluted him. Well Randall's still out there doing good deeds.

Don West is not your average guy either. Don recently organized the Bastrop Bayou Trash Bash to remove hurricane debris from the bayou. Don ran a notice in the local newspaper, Brazosport Facts, asking volunteers to join the effort and Randall responded.

Molly McCormick deserves recognition as well. Molly is a teacher at Lake Jackson Intermediate School and is involved with the school's Environmental Team who call themselves Mission Possible. Molly was instrumental in bringing the Mission Possible kids to the Trash Bash.

So to Capt. Groves, Don West, Molly McCormick and the Mission Possible kids; TSFMag offers a hearty salute! We thank you for your contribution to removing unsightly debris and hazards to navigation from Bastrop Bayou. To the Mission Possible kids, you are the stewards of tomorrow. The wonderful resources of the Texas coast will be in your hands soon and it is encouraging to see you off to such a grand start. May God bless you all richly.