According to Scott: May 2008

According to Scott: May 2008
Okay everybody, I was sitting around trying to think of something new and different to do for this month because, lets face, the same thing over and over gets a little boring. So, what I came up with was this... I would attempt to go out fishing all on my lonesome and chronicle my day by utilizing a tripod, timers and remotes.

Now I am going to have to say that the light kinduv sucked all day, heck it even started raining at one point and I probably could have been a little less grip and grin, all and all, it didn't turn out half-bad for my first attempt ever at something like this.

As for the mask, I would like to say it is all about sun protection, but as I mentioned before- it was mostly cloudy on that day. The mask is to hide the whole lot of ugly that is underneath what was once my beard. You see I was silly enough to agree to auctioning off my hair and beard for the Chris Phillips fund-raiser that we had at the end of March thinking that nobody would spend money on something like that. Well, either the people really wanted to humiliate me or- they really love the good Captain as much as me. I bet it was a whole lot of both. Anyway, for your protection... I will remain masked until the natural one comes back.

Many thanks to all of you who attended or donated to the event... It was a home run and I promise... he is worth every bit of it and then some...

Best of tides...