Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters , by Lefty Kreh

Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters , by Lefty Kreh

The large collection of books authored by Lefty Kreh is a true gift to saltwater fly fishing. If you are interested in saltwater casting, fly patterns, strategies for catching inshore and offshore species, or tips to improve your tackle and techniques, you'll find at least one title by Lefty Kreh covering the subject in detail. Lefty's books are thorough, simple and no-nonsense which is why they have often been recommended reading in the Book of the Month column.

Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters, one of Lefty's recent works, is a book that explores fly fishing techniques and tactics used to target inshore species like redfish, seatrout, snook, and striped bass. Lefty wrote the book to address the growing interest in catching these fish on fly tackle.

True to form, Lefty doesn't mince words in Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters. He covers the strategies and methods he feels are essential to inshore fly fishing and doesn't add any filler, fluff, or complications. Some of the topics covered in Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters include tackle, tides, effective inshore fly patterns, and angling techniques for inshore species. Lefty's chapter on fly lines is particularly informative and it dispels many of the myths and misconceptions associated with the often confusing world of fly lines and casting.

Like many of Lefty's books, unusual tackle tips sprinkled throughout the chapters keep the reading lively and fresh. Absent from Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters are strategies for catching bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Lefty previously devoted an entire book (Fly Fishing for Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon) to these "big three" gamefish.

Another neat thing about Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters is its small size- you can almost fit it in your shirt pocket. The paper and print quality are excellent and the gloss pages make the photographs brilliantly clear and the text easy to read. If you have an opportunity to pick up a copy of Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters, or any of Lefty Kreh's books on fly fishing, do so. You'll enjoy his practical approach to angling and you're guaranteed to learn something new.

Fly Fishing the Inshore Waters
By Lefty Kreh
128 pp. The Lyons Press $17.95

ISBN: 1-58574-605-3