Catch of the Month

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Submitted for your entertainment and perusal are the Catch of the Month photo galleries. Here you will find firsts, personal bests, young anglers, seasoned anglers, odd catches, routine catches, and everything in between.

*Due to the high volume of photos we receive, please be advised that we only accept high-quality images of at least 150 dpi at print size (many of the new camera phones can manage that). Don't forget to include in your photo submission the angler's full name, size of fish, and location of catch.

Cover Photo Guidelines
If you're hoping to be on the cover, here's a few tips that might help you get there.
Your photo must...
1) be portrait orientation, not landscape;
2) be at least 300 dpi at print size;
3) have sufficient space at the top of the photo for the masthead;
4) have an impressive fish;
5) not be blurry, bloody, dark, or blown out; &
6) not have appeared on social media or in other magazines.
*Bright colors are a plus! No stringer shots!