Fly of the Month: Magic Crab

Fly of the Month: Magic Crab
The Magic Crab is a lightly weighted crustacean pattern made from a mix of dubbed craft fur fibers and flash materials. Banding and shading on the fly is created with permanent markers. The natural fluid movements of the synthetic fur fibers bring this pattern to life, and the mix of colors gives the fly depth and a juicy look that critter-crunching predators find hard to resist.

The real beauty of the Magic Crab lies in the action of the craft fur fibers. They wiggle and wave in a seductive manner. Even at rest, the body of the crab pulsates in the subtle currents present beneath the water's surface. This gentle "breathing" action is often just right for tricking cautious flats fish that see the fly but move in for a closer inspection before they commit to eating it. The Magic Crab can be tied can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes to match resident crabs. I prefer to tie this pattern on a #2 hook (shown).

The Magic Crab rides in the inverted weedless position and it is tied with a hard mason mono weed guard for additional resistance to rooted or floating vegetation. This pattern is relatively lightweight so it lands gently, but it is also compact and easy to cast in the wind. It is a good fly for fish cruising and rooting the flats in search of crabs and crustaceans.

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 or equivalent 1/0 to #4
Thread: Clear nylon mono
Eyes: Burned 40lb mono
Weight: .030 Lead wire
Whiskers: Red craft fur
Antennae: Orange Krystal Flash
Body Fibers: Mix of tan and chartreuse craft fur
Body Flash: Hairline's Ice Dub
Color Accents: Permanent markers
Weed guard: 16lb Mason Hard Mono
Cement: Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails