Troubleshooting the Cast

Ed Jaworowski
Troubleshooting the Cast

Casting a fly rod isn't easy. Regardless of one's level of skill or experience as a caster, there are always problems that need attention. In reality, the physics behind casting a fly rod is simple, but solving casting problems is often difficult. If you are having trouble with your cast but can't figure out where you're going wrong, well join the crowd. You're not alone!

The good news is there are abundant resources available to help you. Enter Ed Jaworowski. Jaworoski is an expert fly caster, talented photographer, and lifelong fly fisherman. In his book, Troubleshooting the Cast, Jaworowski shows how to recognize, diagnose, and correct a variety of common casting problems. Troubleshooting the Cast is not a "how-to" casting book, but rather a guide to help casters with a moderate level of skill address mistakes in their casts.

In Troubleshooting the Cast, Jaworowski first provides a review of the essential principles of fly casting. These are the basic elements that describe the relationship between rod, line, and angler, and the physics of casting. Jaworowski devotes the remainder of the book to problem-solving. This is done in a page-by-page, item-by-item manner that is very easy to follow. Each page contains a single common casting problem and its solution. Where appropriate, Jaworoski discusses the relationship between different casting challenges and how their solutions tie in to the basic principles of fly casting.

Line drawings are included on each page to illustrate the physics behind different casting strokes and casting form.
It always amazes me how effective a good old-fashioned line drawing can be to simplify a complex process. The straightforward reference style of the book along with simple drawings makes Ed Jaworowski's Troubleshooting the Cast a simple effective tool that will help anglers identify their weak points and boost their skills.