Holiday Season Check List

John Cochrane
Holiday Season Check List

Well, this year is almost over and many people will be glad to see it go. Fishing-wise it was a good year, but economically speaking it was challenging for many. Hopefully, the upturn in the economy will continue and everything will start resembling what we would call normal.

Now is a great time to do boat maintenance, tackle repair, upgrading electronics and installing new equipment. Some of the things you might want to think of are items like putting fuel stabilizer in your boat's gas tank to prevent it from breaking down and causing engine problems. It's also a good idea to keep your fuel tanks full to prevent condensation from forming on the exposed metal due to the extreme temperature changes. Make sure any aluminum, chrome or stainless on the boat is thoroughly cleaned, polished and waxed to keep it from pitting. Block heaters, glow rods and de-humidifiers can help keep electronics, engines and other compartments on your boat, dry and mildew free. Outboard and inboard engines alike should be started and brought up to operating temperature on a regular basis. Make sure battery switches are off on non-essential systems to prevent your batteries from being drained unnecessarily. A marine-grade battery charger is the best way to extend the life of your batteries and keep them charged and ready to go. If you have a trailerable boat, don't neglect your trailer. Keep your bearings greased and repack them when necessary. Check your lights, license, pads, running boards, winch, etc We see a lot of people just put their stuff up and forget about it until spring. Take the time to service your equipment and it will last longer, cost less and take less time to get ready when it is time to go fishing. It will also benefit you when it comes time to sell it.

This time of year boat owners and sellers find it an ideal time to make that move to a new or used larger boat, prior to the much anticipated fishing season. We experience a lot of interested boat owners moving up from the boat they have had three years or longer to a newer boat that fits their needs. Many owners running large center consoles, that have enjoyed fantastic bluewater fishing off our coast, make the commitment to step up to twin diesels and the comfort of overnight trips in the Western Gulf of Mexico. If you're considering selling your boat and sizing up, there's a large variety of entry level outboard and twin diesel sportfishing boats on the market.

The Holiday season is also a great time to look for new products and we know a lot of you will want to buy presents for your fishing friends and family. Here are some of the latest products we thought might interest you:

Digital Radar - This may be sort of a big ticket item, so you may have to give it to yourself, but the new digital radars from most of the big electronic manufacturers like Garmin, Furuno, RayMarine and Si-Tex are incredible. They feature high definition performance, sharper imagery and improved target separation for the most precise radar display picture you have ever seen. These units provide a clearer detailed image that picks up smaller targets and most have target tracking and chart overlay capabilities. Combine a new digital radar with a multi-function display and you will have the ultimate navigation system on your vessel.

Underwater Lights Now that the underwater light craze has leveled off, one company stands out at the top. Ocean LED has taken the underwater light industry to another level with a myriad of sizes, colors and designs for every size boat. LED technology has become the industry standard featuring low power draw, low heat generation and unparalleled life expectancy. Underwater lights are great when night fishing for tuna and swordfish and are becoming a standard item on many new boats. Check them out at

Marlin Mudflaps This "home grown" teaser was originally created by Capt. Bobby Wells here in the Gulf of Mexico. While fishing on the Texas based Jammer with Capt. Bob Richter and mate Brian Wimmer, Bobby's teaser underwent a series of design changes and was put to the test by the whole crew. The original teaser evolved and several different designs created from the crew's experience fishing in places like the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Pacific. These guys have developed one of the most popular teasers for big blue marlin on today's tournament circuit. Some of the top sportfishing boats in the world are using mudflaps with great success. For more information, go to or contact Brian Wimmer directly at 832-818-0695.

You can also check out
Marlin Mudflaps in Seabrook at the Fox Yacht Sales - Seabrook Office at Tops-N-Towers. At Fox we have an extensive inventory of brokerage boats and we are the exclusive Texas dealer for CABO Yachts. We specialize in sportfishing boats and motor yachts. Come by and get a great deal on your next boat. For more information check out our website at or you can contact John Cochrane at [email protected].