Home Away from Home

Aaron Cisneros
Home Away from Home
It had been a long forthcoming event but the weekend was finally here. On this particular weekend I was graciously invited by our good friend Capt. Eddie Arenas to spend the weekend at his cabin on the water. I remember the last time I stayed on the water was at the age of ten. I am currently fifteen years old, but I still remember staying at Mr. Payton's cabin back then; many wonderful memories of those overnight stays still remain. Watching the number of trout that hung out at night under the lights was amazing. The sunrise and sunsets were always a sight to enjoy. To again connect and enjoy nature with an overnight stay on the water was a welcome opportunity that I had been waiting for. Just the very thought of not having any household chores for the weekend made me relax and enjoy the moment.

Because of prior commitments, my dad would only be able to join us in the evening. Capt. Eddie and I loaded all of the equipment and supplies, including a stack of juicy steaks that would be served for dinner. It did not take long for us to get on the water, and off we were to Capt. Eddie's cozy little cabin north of the Arroyo, or as Capt. Eddie called it, "Home away from Home." As soon as we arrived, we unloaded everything into the cabin and immediately went for an afternoon of fishing. Since the wind was howling over thirty miles an hour, it was hard to find fishable water. When we did find semi-clear water, we found loads of redfish stacked up in potholes. We decided to pull a few drifts over the area and soon we had a few redfish for dinner.

Heading back to the cabin to prepare for the night's dinner, I couldn't help to think about how good dinner was going to be. Capt. Eddie went all the way for us; he prepared steaks on the grill, redfish on a half-shell, ranch-style beans, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob, as well as our choice of flour or corn tortillas. It was a meal fit for a King.

As dark fell, my dad arrived just in time to have this awesome dinner. I could see my dad's eyes grow big the minute he set eyes on the grilled steaks. After having this great meal, we sat around the table and shared some fishing stories. Afterwards, we decided to go outside and enjoy the cloudless night. It's here where our interest and conversation grew towards the stars. My dad having a science background began to teach us about the stars and pointed out several constellations in the night sky. The night view of the stars out in the middle of nowhere was breathtaking and a humbling experience. You could say that I learned a bit of science that evening.

The evening was getting late so we hit the sack anticipating a great day on the water the next day. As I lay on the bunk, I could hear the waves slapping on the hull of the boat that brought to mind my previous experiences of staying in a cabin on the water. The noise of the waves was very soothing. I began to think back when I was ten years old staying at the Payton's cabin and realized that then I was too young to appreciate what a great opportunity this was. This time around I realized how relaxing an overnight on the water experience could be.

The next morning we were up early and ready to go. I guess everybody was excited to get on the water because no one wanted to eat breakfast. Perhaps we were still full from the previous evening's meal. We got dressed in our waders, and off we were for a fun day of fishing.

We waded not far from the cabin in the very spot where we caught some nice reds the day before. I must have chosen the magic spot because my topwater was the only one at the receiving end of a consistent bite. I managed to land a nice redfish and few trout on a Spook Jr on our first wade. Then it was off to another area. As we headed to the next spot I asked my dad if I could wade an area that I have always wanted to try. He agreed and dropped me off. I saw a few redfish with their backs out of the water, but they were hard to catch. On one lucky cast, I threw into a sand pocket and got a bite unlike a redfish or a trout bite. I set the hook and realized it was a flounder. As soon as it came into my grasp, I was happy to score a Texas Slam. I knew then I had bragging rights for the remainder of the day. As Capt. Eddie and my dad came to pick me up, I made sure to display a big smile and a few smack talking words. All this fun and relaxation was starting to feel better as noon time arrived. By then we developed an appetite and decided to head back to the cabin.

When we arrived at the cabin, I still had the urge to fish. I asked my dad if I could take the boat and drift somewhere near by. He agreed, and while I fished, they cooked up a breakfast of champions. I pulled a long drift and then headed back to the cabin for breakfast. After breakfast we all relaxed and took a nap under a cool breeze. Our supposed ten minute nap turned out to last two hours. By then it was time to head back to reality. I was saddened that this trip was about to end. However, it ended on a good note because Capt. Eddie invited us again to come out and join him. Believe me I am going to talk my dad into taking his offer soon.

I loved everything about this trip. It most certainly was a "Home away from Home" as Capt. Eddie calls it, especially without chores to be done just fishing, eating great food, and enjoying the great outdoors. Ah, I've got to close because I hear my parents calling me to go throw the trash and pick up my room. Hope you too can experience your own "Home away from Home" wherever it may be. Have a Happy New Year!