If Fish Could Talk

Aaron Cisneros
If Fish Could Talk
If fish could talk.

Recently, when my friends and I were out wading, one of my friends lost his balance in the not-so-friendly bottom and took a splash in the frigid bay waters. We all turned just in time to see him flopping like a fish out of water. Boy, did we have a good laugh, even though we knew our trip was going to be cut short. As we made our way back to the boat, one of my friends made a comment to us that stuck. He said, "I wonder what the fish thought he was." We continued poking fun at my friend even as we hurried back to the dock. While we packed up, he sat on the ice chest, shivering uncontrollably, and thinking it was not funny at all.

Every fisherman has his fair share of funny stories to tell. If there is ever a time when you are feeling a little depressed, grab a lawn chair and sit yourself around noon time at the busiest boat dock where fishermen are coming and going. I guarantee you'll get a few laughs. Busy boat docks can rival the funniest jokes from the best comedians. I think I've even heard the catfish at the cleaning table chuckling from time to time. Personally, I've witnessed many legs split between the boat and the dock, resulting in very wet, and very surprised fishermen. If the fish in those waters could talk, we would certainly die of laughter.

What would fish say to the angler that owns more lures of different colors that rivals the amount of handshakes and photos Mickey Mouse gives in a year? Also known as the pack mule fisherman, this angler knows it all, has a theory for everything and anything that lives in the water, and carries the whole fishing department on his waist and shoulders. To fish it's all the same as a cane pole, small amount of line, a bobber, and some live bait. Though this excessive spending is all in the love of the sport, I'm sure fish would agree that we own far more equipment than we need. With all our boating and fishing shows coming up, displaying the latest technology and equipment, perhaps fish are having their own watery conventions, with seminars such as "How Not to Get Caught" or "When to Jerk on the Line of the Jerk." If fish could only talk.

Fishing dates back to prehistoric times and has certainly offered countless fun filled moments for anglers of all ages throughout time. Fish would probably taunt us, if they could, to continue our pursuit of happiness through this sport because they know that we won't always win, despite the latest equipment we possess. I'm convinced that every fisherman has a story to share about the one that got away. I will always remember my own. It was by far the biggest trout I have ever seen or hooked, of course. I estimated her at around the 31-32 inch mark. It was a clear blue-sky day, and I was working a mud flat that had lots of bait. The redfish were thick and easy to catch, and on another bite where I thought I had yet another redfish, I horsed the fish in. As the fish got closer, I saw a monster trout! The trout had hardly any spots on its back. I managed to nervously hold her for a second, and that's when she fell out of my hands. The hook came off, and she swam away with a smirk. If she could've had her say, it would've probably been to continue my chase for the rest of my life and remember that fishing should always be fun.

Fishing at all levels has brought many families together. It has allowed sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers to enjoy the outdoors. It has brought, and continues to bring, life-long lessons to all who are exposed. Yes, fishing with the cane pole underneath the old bridge has become more expensive with all the trinkets and gadgets that are offered today, but it has brought immeasurable value to those who have experienced the sport. Most certainly, if fish could talk, they would tell us to continue the chase because who wouldn't like the attention and all the laughs we give them? Plus, if they're like us, they might like to see their photographs in magazines. Ha!