Lasting Memories

Aaron Cisneros
Lasting Memories
I cannot believe how quickly four years have gone by since I first started writing for TSFMag. It all started the summer of my eighth grade year. I remember before my writings looking forward to receiving each new edition so that I could glance at all the fish pictures throughout the magazine. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that one day I would be writing my fishing experiences in the same magazine. Often I felt like the luckiest teenager on the whole Texas Coast. I have been truly blessed these past four years and have experienced lasting memories that I will carry with me forever. Throughout these four years I was able to share my life experiences and my love of fishing. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with my family to Mexico and different parts of the United States experiencing and writing about new waters that I never even knew existed.

Through this wonderful journey I got to share many things about myself, and in the sharing, I too learned a lot. From the big Baffin trout, to the stingray hit, the tournament winnings, to sharing my passion of fishing over the years I truly enjoyed sharing my heart to all the readers over the course of my high school years. I hope that I have made an impact or sparked a passion for fishing for those that read my stories. I appreciate all the positive comments that I received from loyal readers of TSFMag. Every positive word was very encouraging to me.

Thanks to all my friends that shared my experiences on the water. I will never forget the laughs, the good and not so good, without my friends I would not have been able to experience what I wrote. To those that took me under their wing and shared their knowledge with me and gave the time to educate me about things in life while we fished together, thank you for taking the time to teach me.

Everett and Pam thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for believing in me even when I didn't think I could live up to this responsibility. I want you to know that I have kept every issue to remind me that which seems impossible can become a reality if you believe in yourself. I will treasure them for years to come.

Many thanks to Laguna rods for their generous gift and allowing me to own my first baitcast rod; that rod is still catching fish. Joe Meyer and Ron Sheppard over at FTU, thank you for your kindness. I enjoyed fishing with both of you. To Billy Ray at Salt Water Soul Apparel, thank you for your generosity; I will certainly wear your shirts proudly.

There is a special person whom I want to thank. I never would have accomplished my writings without her, and that's Mrs. Martha Morales, a friend of the family and English teacher who always proofread my articles no matter what time of the day or night just so that I could meet my deadline. Thank you Mrs. Morales for your dedication and advice.

And last but not least, I want to thank my family for being there for me and going out of their way so that I could continue my writings. I am very grateful that they took me places so that I could experience a larger world of fishing. As I grew older, they allowed me to experience fishing on my own. I want to especially thank my dad because without him this would not have been possible. If he had not taken the time to show me how to fish as young kid, all of this would not have been a part of me. Through my faults and mistakes, giving him many headaches over the years, he still took the time to teach me what I know today. I have spent and will continue spending countless hours on the water with him, catching fish, poking fun at each other, competing with one another, and best of all laughing with one another. He has taught me that fishing and life go hand in hand. Because of him I have acquired a lifetime sport that will bring me memories.

My time as a youth writer has come to an end. It is time for me to say good-bye. It's been a pleasure sharing and writing for the greatest saltwater fishing magazine on the Texas Coast. I'm proud to have been part of a great writing team and just to think that I never thought I could do it. Believe in yourself and dream big. See you out on the water!