My Wish Come True

Aaron Cisneros
My Wish Come True
A kayak will allow you to quietly approach redfish.

I had wanted to take the kayaks out for some time, but something always seemed to change our plans. Recently one of my dad's clients requested a kayak trip. He mentioned that I must come and join them on the kayak trip over the pristine waters of the Lower Laguna Madre. The night before the trip I helped my dad prepare and organize the equipment we needed for the next day. Before strapping the kayaks down, I checked to see if the life jackets and whistles were on board. As we geared up, I could not stop the excitement that bubbled inside me as I looked forward to the next day. In my mind I could already picture the beautiful sunrise while paddling through a back lake and seeing tailing redfish everywhere around me.

I love to wade and fish off the boat, but to kayak is always a special treat since I don't do it as often. Also, kayaking allows me to cover more area than wade fishing, and it is definitely quieter than drifting on a boat. Kayaking permits me to see and explore aspects of nature that I would ordinarily miss. I have seen many interesting things on shorelines such as nesting birds, old buoy markers, and drift wood in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Because of the maneuverability that a kayak gives me, I can move up on the fish much faster. Kayaking also gives me the option to wade fish. All I have to do is stake the kayak and walk to the fish. If you have never kayaked before, you will be completely surprised how close you can come up on the fish. I personally have hit a few redfish with the bow of my kayak even to the point where the thump scared me.

Finally, the day my wish would come true arrived. The morning was perfect with a beautiful sunrise in the east, a slight breeze at our backs, and bait jumping nervously. We loaded the kayaks with all our gear, including water and a few snacks. I could feel the excitement as I paddled off in my own direction thinking, "What will I find along the banks of this small inlet bay?" Paddling along I began to see at a far distance the tails of redfish waving above the water's surface. As I made my approach, I caught myself paying more attention to the surroundings, including the long-legged white birds feeding on small minnows. I lost sight of the redfish, but my course brought me to an area I had never seen before. I came across a waist deep canal that was no more than fifteen feet in width. The canal split into three fingers which lead to a large tidal flat. I paddled along looking for any signs of life. I found none. Exploring new water has always been exciting to me. After paddling out of the canal, I then drifted a shoreline while standing up on my kayak. I saw plenty of bait, but the redfish were scarce. I could see my dad going back to the boat so I too headed back and no sooner were we at our next location. I was dropped off on another shoreline a few miles north of where we first started.

This shoreline provided me with plenty of opportunities to sight-cast to redfish in crystal clear water. On this day most of the redfish and a few trout I spotted were not willing to take my bait. I did hook two redfish. The first one got off after a short battle. The second one I landed; however, it came with a price --a dunking into the shallow bay. I was standing up on my kayak and drifting when a redfish hit my TTF Killer Flats Minnow. I set the hook too hard and lost my balance. Off I went flying into the water. I managed to keep him on, soaking wet and all, but as I told my dad, "my reel never touched the water." I soon made my way back to the boat dripping wet. You can say I now have experience jumping over board, but not by choice.

Our kayak trip was not all that productive, but the adventure of exploring new waters and experiencing new things is all I need to keep me looking forward to the next kayak trip.

For you young folks, if you have never experienced kayaking in shallow water, I highly recommend it. It certainly has made me more aware of my natural surroundings and has allowed me to see details I never knew were there. For you parents, kayaking with your kids can be an awesome and rewarding experience. You can't imagine the pleasure and excitement it brings. You will be glad you tried it. I know I am.