Summer is Almost Over

Aaron Cisneros
Summer is Almost Over
Enjoying the summer on the "Sea Rocket."
My summer is almost coming to an end, and soon I will be a senior in High School. I will be entering my last year in writing for the best fishing magazine on the Texas Coast. The opportunity in writing for TSFMag has taken me many places. Writing has allowed me to do things that ordinarily I wouldn't have accomplished or seen much less. It has been a really neat experience, and I am thankful for those that have surrounded me and supported me through these last three years and the one to come. I have met some wonderful people in the fishing industry and have learned many life lessons from many folks.

This summer seemed like it went by so fast, but I feel like I accomplished a lot. I got to fish a tournament with some friends. It started with a shotgun start which put pressure on me from the onset. Many scenarios went through my mind. I don't fish many tournaments, but when I have, I have always been the passenger. Making the decisions for the team brings a whole different level as I was finding out. The day started off terribly slow. It was noon and no fish to show. I could tell the team's moral was going down hill, so I decided to take a risk; it was going to be boom or bust. I made the call to travel to a spot where I had been catching in weeks prior, but it was a good thirty minutes away. If the fish weren't there, I would be very disappointed along with my team. When we arrived, the conditions looked perfect. Windy conditions were moving the water just right, the mullet were active, and no one was in sight but us. It didn't take long for us to find the fish; looking back I could see all the guys with bent rods and water splashing. Right then and there it felt good to make the right call and put a smile on their face. We spent the rest of the afternoon in this hot spot until it was time to head for the weigh-in. We felt good about our catch as the reds were big and the trout were decent. Heading south I could tell everyone was tired as they tried to doze off.

Finally, at the weigh-in we came ounces short of placing in the redfish and trout division; nevertheless, it was a good experience for me and a fun trip with a bunch of fun guys.

Not only did I get to fish a bunch this summer, but I also experienced something very unique. I met up with longtime guide out of South Padre Island/Port Isabel area Capt. Gilbert Vela. He was gracious enough to invite me and a few of my friends out for a ride on the "Sea Rocket" which he and his wife Teri own. The "Sea Rocket" is a 34' Catamaran Power boat that leaves you speechless as you travel fast through the Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico. If you just got your hair done, plan on losing your hair style. As you take off, the engine sounds just like a jet at take off. My adrenaline was pumping with excitement as we took off like a red bullet skimming through water at a shocking speed leaving other boaters in the wake. We circled the island making loops and turns that could get you sick, but not us, we were having a great time raising our hands, yelling, and laughing just like riding a roller coaster. Cool water splashing our faces made it even more exciting. In addition, I got to see the island from a different view from the Gulf of Mexico; it was certainly an amazing thrill ride that anyone of all ages would truly enjoy. If you would also like to experience a thrill ride on the water, you can contact Gilbert or Teri at 956 761-4566.

The end of this summer will mark my departure of my 140 Suzuki outboard; I gladly inherited my dad's Yamaha V-Max 150 which will get me places a lot quicker. Gone will be the days where I can fish during the week when the pressure is light. I guess I will have to settle for weekends from here until graduation. Fishing has been my cushion to stay out of trouble, and I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good addiction.

In closing, I would like to say that the Lower Laguna has not been the same since good friend Capt. Mike McBride suffered a stingray wound. He has been a friend that has taught me more than he actually realizes. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, and I hope that he gets well soon. If you have never experienced our precious Lower Laguna Madre, I encourage you to do so. The fish, pristine waters, good people, and the "Sea Rocket" are all waiting. Better hurry because summer is almost over.