Announcements and Anniversary

Everett Johnson
It has been my general practice to avoid discussing the operation and content of this publication in my editor's columns, preferring instead to present views on what I consider matters of importance relating to fishing, fisheries management, conservation and the like. I am going to deviate this month as I have several announcements and other tidbits to present.

First is the article entitled "Rod Failure" that begins on page 26 in this issue. I was lucky for the loan of a recent copy of RodMaker Magazine from longtime friend Danny Meyer of Fishing Tackle Unlimited. Danny directed my attention to a piece by RodMaker editor, Tom Kirkman. I was instantly impressed with Tom's treatment of this troublesome topic.

Rod failure is an ugly reality, always has been, and nothing is more disheartening than tangling with a great fish only to have the rod snap. For rod builders, whether one-off custom, major manufacturer, and all in-between, rod failure saps profits and taints reputations no matter the cause. In this era of anglers demanding lighter and more sensitive rods, frequently over-lined with braid, we the angler's are rarely to blame, in our minds anyway.

We secured permission to reprint Tom's work in the hope that we could provide a technical review that might increase knowledge and understanding for readers and our rod building friends alike. I trust you will find it informative.

Wade fishing safety. All too often we are lulled into believing that wade fishing is nothing more than a stroll in the bay. On Good Friday, friend Benny Judice nearly drowned as he stepped off a reef in San Antonio Bay. Had it not been for quick action from fishing partners Jeff Larson and nine-year-old son Brennen; it would have certainly been Bennie's last wade. Prior space commitments precluded running the story in this issue however, we are planning a presentation next month to include Bennie's harrowing tale and a general discussion of wade fishing safety. Don't miss it we have some revealing facts and a few myths to bust.

Youth writer. We have been blessed with the contribution of Aaron Cisneros to our magazine for several years. We watched Aaron grow to become an accomplished angler and develop an aspiration to follow his father in becoming a fishing guide. Aaron will graduate high school this month and move to San Antonio to begin studies at UTSA.

So who will become our next youth correspondent? We began running the Youth Fishing department with then high school junior, Kyle Tomek. Kyle's tenure ended as he went off to college (and became a fishing guide on the side go figure) and is now a regular fishing columnist for several publications. Aaron took over, and we all love him but, unfortunately, another youth writer's career is ending and the desk will soon be empty. I encourage TSFMag readers to contact me with names of aspiring young anglers who might desire to hone their writing skills and see their fishing tales in print. Email to: [email protected]

Anniversary. This issue marks twenty years since our old friend and predecessor, Gene Baker, published the very first issue of Gulf Coast Connections. For Pam and me it is now ten years since we purchased GCC and began the journey to become Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine. What a trip it has been!