Hope You Like the New Look

Everett Johnson
If you are a regular reader you have probably noticed that our Art and Layout Department have been cranking out a new look. Things were not always this glitzy. Back when Pam and I purchased Gulf Coast Connections from Gene Baker and produced our first issue without his help in May 2001, we liked to died cutting and pasting and waxing bits of paper and fuzzy black and white photos to "the boards" as we called them.

I will never forget a fellow outdoor publisher asking if we had a clue what we were getting in to. Innocently, and believing every word, I replied, "No, but I'm sure we can learn." It is absolutely amazing how far technology has brought us and the incredible quality of material our writing team sends in each month.

Well, here it is November 2011, and we have learned a lot. The greatest lesson I have learned is to stay the heck out of the Art and Layout Department. This should please readers immensely unless they might enjoy all the illustrations in the magazine drawn like stick people. Let's face it, I am a technician not an artist, way too rightbrained.

So if you like the new look we have been sporting, send Pam and Stephanie an email bouquet and do not forget to include our writers, photographers, and other contributors. These are the folks who have combined their talents to turn a skimpy pulp fishing rag into a magazine.

After scores of requests, Cade Simpson joins the TSFMag team with Cade's Coastal Chronicles. Cade's mission is to present a how-to where-to article each month specifically for readers who do not own motorboats, hire fishing guides, or take expensive fishing vacations. His audience will be the everyday walk-in wade fishermen, paddleboat angler, and folks who enjoy fishing from banks, piers and jetties.

That's the way Cade fishes and that's what he will be writing about. He will offer tips relating to kayak launch spots, marinas, bait camps, where to find public fish cleaning stations, where to grab a burger, and where to camp or find a motel on overnight trips. Follow along as he makes his way to major ports and lots of out-of-the-way places in search of fishing adventure up and down the Texas coast.

Now about the cover last month hold the phone calls and please stop sending me email. Yes, I dummied up on the title lines. Ryan Veurink shared a great story on his homemade poling skiff project and you can read about it in this issue on page 26. I will try my best not to publish title lines in the future without including the story.

Texas anglers have a lot to be thank for and foremost is our freedom to come and go as we please and enjoy the many wonders of this great coast. As you gather round your Thanksgiving table, give thanks to the Almighty for the men and women who serve in far away places so that the United States of America will forever remain, "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."