I Have a Really Cool Job

Everett Johnson
I Have a Really Cool Job
Being the editor and publisher of this magazine can be both challenging and fun. Lucky for me, every time I'm about to drown in challenges something really cool comes along and that's when you remember why you love what you do. Sometimes it's an email from a fisherman looking to get his kids hooked and sometimes it's a letter proclaiming a victory on an important conservation front. Sometimes it's a few kind words from a reader letting you know how much they appreciate the magazine. And then there's the letter I'm including below. I wasn't sure how to handle it at first, but through a couple of emails back and forth, we devised a plan. I hope everybody reading this finds as much joy as it has brought me. And you know- you gotta love a guy this creative. What better way to embark on the most important mission a man is ever likely to take?

~Everett Johnson

Mr. Johnson,

I just wanted to say thank you for publishing an excellent magazine about our great sport and I'd also like to ask a favor. Your diligent promotion of conservation influences many people. I believe your magazine and opinions (and those of your writers) have made significant and positive impacts on the quality of our sport and will surely benefit the fishing that generations to come will experience. I wish you the best in the future and keep up the great work.

Attached is a picture of my girlfriend's first red taken on a fly rod in the Freeport area; it came in at 27 " after a good 10 minute fight.

So the favor, I read your magazine cover to cover and she always gives me a hard time about how obsessed I am (most of my free time is spent fishing on the TX coast ), but I catch her reading through it as well. So if you could somehow arrange her picture to make it to the "Catch of the Month" section with the phrase "Stacy, your guide wants to marry you" on it, that would be awesome! If you'd like, you can put it on the cover, I'm not trying to be discrete here. In any case, your help with this would be much appreciated.

Blayne Mozisek
College Station, TX