American White Pelican

American White Pelican
-Pelecanus erythrorhynehos-

Plumage: white with black primaries and outer secondaries visible only in flight; bright orange bill. Confined to North America. Feeds in flocks, often driving small fish to one another. Does not dive for food, feeds while sitting on the water and dipping bill while swimming. Prefers freshwater but also found in estuaries, bays and lakes. Colonial nesters, most breed in the northern Great Plains. The one and only known saltwater rookery is located in the Upper Laguna Madre near ICW marker 158 and is the location pictured. This non-migratory flock is present all year and nests Apr.-June. Does not impact commercially or recreationally valued fish stocks.

Length: 62"
Wingspan: 108"
Weight: 16.4 pounds