Great Egret

Great Egret
-Ardea alba-

Tall, extremely slender bird with a long neck, black legs and feet and a thin yellow bill. Carries its neck deeply bowed in flight. Present in our area all year, the great egret lives on primary and secondary bays and nests on spoil islands April through August as do many species of wading and other birds.

Feeds mostly on small fish, but reptiles, small mammals, insects and small birds may also be taken. Numbers of these birds along a shoreline are a good indicator of good numbers of small mullet, silversides, killifish or shrimp in the immediate area.

Nesting season is in full swing at this time and it is unfortunate that peak nesting activity coincides with so many tournaments and trophy trout seekers working very near their nesting areas. Please realize these birds have no other place to nest and be considerate. If they are constantly flying off their nests it’s indicitive that you are too close and are interfering with nesting. This could sadly result in nests being abandoned.

I’m not concerned about actual distance a fisherman is from the nesting birds as the actions of the birds make it clear when one is too close.

Watch the awe on the faces of small children when they see big, beautiful birds when you take them fishing and do your part to insure they are there for your children to show their kids.

Length 39”
Wing Span 51”
Weight 1.9 pounds