Magnificent Frigatebird

Magnificent Frigatebird

Five species of frigatebirds exist but the one most commonly encountered in the Gulf of Mexico is the magnificent frigatebird.

Distinctive aerial pirates with the greatest wingspan relative to weight of any bird, this species soars high over the water, never landing on its surface. The magnificent frigatebird will fish on it's own as well as steals fish from other seabird species. Body length-40", wing span-90", weight-3.3 lbs.

Magnificent frigatebirds are known to inhabit bay systems as well as the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico during the months of May through August.

Adult male is solid black. Adult female has white areas on breast extending to underwings and juveniles have white head, neck and chest. Long and slender with hooked bill, short neck, and disproportionately long narrow wings and deeply forked tail the magnificent frigatebird is highly distinctive in flight.

Long used as a fish finder by near and offshore anglers but anglers throwing topwaters while one hovers a hundred or more feet above should be wary as it can and will dive vertically at awesome speed to snatch up a topwater. The magnificent frigatebird seems fond of bone Super Spooks. Just ask Capt. David Rowsey.