CCA Continues to Support the Recovery of Southern Flounder

Coastal Conservation Association
CCA Continues to Support the Recovery of Southern Flounder
Two years ago, as southern flounder stocks in Texas continued to decline, CCA Texas decided that something needed to be done to reverse the trend. Since then, CCA Texas has actively pushed for the regulation changes and scientific research needed to begin the recovery process of the species. In addition, these efforts have been backed by $63,000 in funding to Texas Parks Wildlife Department (TPWD) and University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI) over the last two years.

During the fall flounder run, heavy concentrations of flounder stage in channels and passes as they prepare to enter the Gulf of Mexico to spawn. This pattern has long made the species susceptible to angling pressure, and CCA Texas sought to lessen this pressure with regulation changes. After pushing for bag limit reductions, a fall gigging closure with the rod and reel fishery remaining open, CCA Texas applauded TPWD's decision to lower commercial and recreational bag limits by 50%, close gigging in the month of November, and left the rod and reel fishery open year round. These regulation changes, adopted in November of 2009, have taken a great deal of stress off of Texas's flounder stocks during their annual fall run.

Another factor that has prevented the improvement of flounder stocks in the past has been their inability to successfully reproduce in captivity. This has prevented any viable restocking efforts by TPWD. As a result, CCA Texas has funded the purchase of new flounder tanks, egg collectors, temperature control equipment, and filtration systems for Sea Center Texas, and the CCA/CPL Marine Development Center in Flour Bluff to combat the issues that have kept these fish from spawning in captivity in the past. Thus far, these efforts have culminated in 98,000 flounder larvae at the Marine Development Center in Flour Bluff, and 350,000 at Sea Center Texas in Lake Jackson. Thousands of these larvae will grow into fingerlings and will eventually be released into Texas bays. CCA Texas also purchased a flounder boat for TPWD for the effective collection of brood fish to be used at these hatcheries.

CCA Texas is confident that these measures will help improve the condition of flounder in our state, and is dedicated to the recovery of this invaluable sport fish.

Banquet Season is Kicking Off

CCA Texas has kicked off its annual banquet fundraising season with two banquets in February and three more on the books for March. These events are important to the success of the organization and every dollar raised at these events stays in the state of Texas for important conservation work carried out by the organization. Be sure to check the CCA calendar online at for the next upcoming event in your area.

March 10, 2011 Brazos Valley Brazos Center, Bryan, TX
March 10, 2011 Sabine-Neches Port Arthur Civic Center, Port Arthur, TX
March 24, 2011 Colorado Valley Knights of Columbus Hall, La Grange, TX
March 31, 2011 Brazoria County Lake Jackson Civic Center, Lake Jackson, TX
March 31, 2011 Texas A&M Brazos Center, Bryan, TX