CCA Texas Life Members Support HTFT

Luke Giles
CCA Texas Life Members Support HTFT
By becoming a Life Member of CCA Texas you will not only become a member of CCA's Committee for Life, you will also become a major contributor to CCA Texas' new Habitat Today for Fish Tomorrow (HTFT) initiative. The HTFT is a bold, new step in conservation for CCA Texas that will fund and initiate habitat restoration projects such as reef construction, marsh replenishment and beach and bay debris clean-ups.

"All funds generated through Life Memberships will be directly applied to this major habitat program," said CCA Texas Executive Director, Robby Byers. "Habitat Today for Fish Tomorrow will create vital living space for all sorts of marine life. We are extremely excited about the possibilities that will result from this program. I truly believe our children's children will thank CCA's volunteers for having the foresight to initiate such a visionary project."

"CCA Texas has been extremely successful in many aspects of fisheries management and HTFT is a logical next step in the process," said HTFT Director, John Blaha. "CCA has successfully created labs for research, hatcheries for restocking, fought for passage of laws protecting many species of fish and educated millions of people about the importance of conserving our coastal resources. Now is the time habitat restoration to become a major part of our organizations efforts."

To become a CCA Texas Life Member or to learn more about the HTFT program, please call John Blaha at 800-626-4222.