CCA Texas Volunteers Hard Work Continues to Pay Off

CCA Texas
CCA Texas Volunteers Hard Work Continues to Pay Off

The continued commitment of CCA Texas volunteers throughout the state continues to put the organization above all others in the marine conservation world. As CCA Texas moves out of the first half of 2007 and into the second half, the organization has seen continued fundraising success and several fundraising records set for many local chapters. In addition to a successful fundraising campaign, membership continues to remain strong with all time records being set for banquet attendance for several chapters, renewals and new members. These results continue to show the un-matched dedication by local chapter boards and their vision to ensure a healthy and sustainable coastal resource for future generations to come.

Because of the success achieved by local chapters, CCA Texas is able to continue funding valuable projects and research throughout the state. Most recently, $7,500 was approved for funding fifteen generators for Texas Parks Wildlife Department game wardens along the Texas coast. This funding along with matched funding from John Eagle Honda of Houston, will provide these generators which will be a valuable asset to law enforcement up and down the Texas coast, providing them with much-needed power in remote areas while tracking coastal game law violators.

"We continue to patrol very remote bay waters in search of ongoing illegal net fishermen," said Captain Kevin McDonald, TPWD Region game warden. "These generators are another important tool in our enforcement efforts."

The TPWD hatchery and research facility in Flour Bluff was recently the beneficiary of a $25,500 grant from CCA Texas for a Calorie Meter. The piece of equipment will be beneficial to the research biologist as they dig deeper into the feeding habits of coastal fish species that we all love to chase. CCA Texas also approved $5,500 in funding for a TPWD summer intern working out of the Corpus Christi research station. This ongoing program has been invaluable to TPWD and has provided summer students an opportunity that might not otherwise exist.

Two projects previously funded by CCA Texas are well on the way and worth an update. The Sportsman's Road grass planting project recently took another step forward with the placement of reef domes. The domes' primary purpose is for erosion control and also serves as a basis for a developing reef system. CCA Texas volunteers from the Mainland and Galveston Chapters were on hand to assist the volunteers from the Galveston Bay Foundation and other partners.

The $700,000 CCA Texas Laboratory for Marine Larviculture at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas is on schedule and looking towards a mid to late summer grand opening.

"The building is close to a finish," said Dr. Joan Holt of UTMSI, "and we are thrilled that everything is on schedule. The air conditioning, ceilings, heat pumps and filters are all in, just waiting for the tanks to be placed."

This state of the art facility will be the leading center for the study of the critical early stages of marine life forms. The opportunities for knowledge and new science are endless.

As CCA Texas enters the summer, a much needed short rest is on the way for all of our volunteers and staff as we gear up for the second half of 2007 with our final banquets in the fall. It has been a great first half of the year and we look forward to the second half as we head off to Port Aransas for the annual Inter-Chapter Challenge. We will let you know who the winners are in the August issue. Special thanks again to Everett and Pam Johnson and the rest of the staff at Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine for allowing CCA Texas to be part of a great publication.

Have a great summer!