Habitat Today for Fish Tomorrow Funds Offshore Reefing Project

John Blaha
Habitat Today for Fish Tomorrow Funds Offshore Reefing Project

CCA Texas habitat program funds offshore reefing project for the George Vancouver reefing area off the coast of Freeport, Texas

The Coastal Conservation Association Texas (CCA Texas) Executive Board recently approved $25,000 to fund 150 tons of concrete and rock debris to be added to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's (TPWD) Vancouver reefing area in the near-shore waters off of Freeport. The project will provide crucial habitat for many recreationally important species including red snapper, kingfish and ling. The undertaking will be a joint effort between CCA Texas' Habitat Today for Fish Tomorrow program (HTFT), TPWD and local and private businesses, which will provide services and expertise for transporting, storing and placing of the reef material.

"This important project is the first of many habitat projects that will be put in place by the HTFT program," commented CCA Texas State President Bill Schwarzlose. "This material, donated by Texas A&M Galveston, will not only be a magnet for numerous Gulf species and provide vital habitat, but it will also provide a prime fishing area within Texas waters for local anglers that is easily accessible."

As HTFT continues to move forward in expanding its habitat program, it will work to build more partnerships up and down the Texas coast for like projects. TPWD currently has many tons of material available for reefing projects as well as material available through private individuals and businesses. This available material will provide an opportunity for more near-shore reefing projects along the Texas coast in the future and an opportunity to build habitat directed partnerships between CCA Texas, local and private business and others.

"This project demonstrates the importance of working partnerships to accomplish win, win situations for Texas coastal resources and Texas anglers," commented CCA Texas State Chairman Mark Ray. "By working with Texas Parks and Wildlife and local businesses, these habitat projects will bring much needed boast to the sustainability of the local fisheries by helping rebuild and enhance these fishery habitats."

These are challenging times for local communities and organizations. Through the hard and dedicated work of CCA Texas volunteers and members, these types of projects will be possible because of a strong belief in conservation and a vision to see Texas's coastal fisheries flourish for future generations to come. This project is only the first of many by HTFT and is expected to be in place by the latter part of summer in 2009.

CCA Texas is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the conservation of Texas' coastal marine resources.
For more information, please go to www.ccatexas.org. For more information about HTFT please contact John Blaha at 713.626.4222.