Texas Outdoor Writers Recognize CCA/Valero Youth Program

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Texas Outdoor Writers Recognize CCA/Valero Youth Program
CCA Program sponsored by Valero Energy Corp. seeks to bring marine conservation to kids

The Texas Outdoor Writers Association (TOWA) selected the CCA/Valero Rising Tide youth program as the winner of its Special Projects/Conservation award at its 2009 annual convention. At a time when far more kids are texting than casting, the recognition by Texas outdoor writers emphasizes just how critical the need is to get students more involved in protecting the marine environment. CCA and Valero Energy Corp. combined efforts to create this multi-media youth outreach and education program.

"We are honored that TOWA recognized this incredibly important program," said Pat Murray, CCA executive vice president. "We must do everything we can to get the next generation ready to assume its role as stewards of our coastal marine resources. This program was created to help empower young conservationists and show them that they can make a difference. With the newsletter, website and conservation lesson plan, we are able to bring the message of marine conservation and education to a broad group of children everywhere, from inland locations to coastal communities."

CCA and Valero Energy Corp. partnered in 2007 to promote conservation education and ethics in young anglers through the Rising Tide program. Valero's generous support allowed CCA to devote more resources to the youth program than ever before, with particular attention given to the development of a conservation newsletter, youth webpage and marine conservation lesson plan that has been made available to junior high school teachers, summer camps and home school programs. Through the lesson plan, students are tasked with identifying conservation problems in the marine environment, researching them and, most importantly, creating solutions to solve them.

"We have received great input on all parts of this program. From the start, the goal has been to build on the fact that kids are capable of doing amazing things right now and develop programs that tap into that potential," said Murray. "Making students and others aware of the conservation challenges that face our bays and oceans and helping them be part of the solution lays the foundation for a lifetime of conservation. We have to make sure that today's youth embrace the value of our shared coastal marine resources. Fortunately, we have a partner in Valero that is committed to this effort as well."

For more information about the Rising Tide program or a free copy of the Rising Tide newsletter or lesson plan, educators are encouraged to contact Pat Murray at [email protected]

CCA Texas announces new local chapter for Bay City

At the request of local members, CCA Texas is set to start a new chapter for the Bay City area. Chapter development has long been a strength and asset to CCA Texas and the Bay City area has a great base of members from which to build a new chapter. If you are a Bay City area member, watch your mailbox and email for upcoming planning meetings and the kickoff of the new area chapter. For more information about this new chapter, please contact Coleman Todd or Matt Still at 713.626.4222.