ForEverlast Hunting and Fishing – Twenty-Five Years Strong

Billy Gerke
ForEverlast Hunting and Fishing – Twenty-Five Years Strong

Billy and Amy Gerke heading out for another fun day on the bay.

“I didn’t get here alone!”

December 11, 1997 was when it all began; the day I officially became a business owner with more debt than assets, embarked on a venture with no guarantee of success. But, we had a dream. That was how ForEverlast was born.

Writing that first check to explore the potential of a patent set me on a path that, looking back twenty-five years, has both blessed and humbled me as to what it really means to own a business, employ others, and try and provide our customers with the best products on the market for their outdoor adventures.  

Kenny Chesney’s song, “I Didn’t Get Here Alone” says a lot about life and the founding and growth of our company. So many people along the way helped, advised, supported, motivated, and some who possibly even doubted, have all enabled this dream to become a reality in their own way.

Amy, my wife and biggest supporter, along with our sons Ty and Layne, have always been my greatest source of motivation. As Foreverlast continued to grow I faced one of the toughest decisions of my life in 2007, leaving a secure job with a good future to dive headfirst into the dream. Yes, it was  risky, but the gamble paid off, and we have been blessed beyond even my wildest expectations.

From a tiny closet office in our first home, Amy and I packaged orders on the living room floor for me to deliver to one of our largest retail partners through the years– Academy Sports and Outdoors.  With support and guidance from the marketing experts at Academy; Charles, Bryan, Matt, and many others, as well as good friend Chris; I was able to develop mental concepts for products into hunting and fishing gear available at the retail level. The ultimate test of any business is how the consumer reacts and I can honestly say we have been on many fishing and hunting trips with folks by way of our products. I could not be prouder of the fact that we have improved things in both hunting and fishing for many folks’ outdoor adventures. 

Now with over 60 different items from our popular wade fishing gear to hunting products that range from feeder units and accessories to snake protection, we have pioneered many products over the past twenty-five years that continue to be popular today…And we ain’t done yet!

New products and new adventures are on the horizon in our sister company, Brush to Bay Outfitters, founded in 2015. We have also introduced a new line of high-quality deer feed products in our RaxMax brand.

We have survived market crashes, a pandemic beyond imagination, and supply chain issues, yet through the hard work of dedicated employees, factory partners, and the support of one another, we continue to succeed. We are looking forward to continuing to pioneer products that are both affordable and top quality, and ultimately will keep the spirit and tradition of hunting and fishing alive and well in the lives of our customers.  At the end of the day we are blessed to do what we love. “We live Hunting and Fishing” is not just a catchy marketing phrase, it is who we are and what we do.

We are thankful for the many blessings God has bestowed upon us along this journey!

Billy Gerke
ForEverlast Hunting and Fishing Products

“We Live Hunting & Fishing”