Maintenance is an all-season thing!

Summer is finally here and fishing is the top priority. The boat is now in use more often and maintenance is only an off-season thing…or is it? The truth is that maintenance is year-round for Texas anglers. No matter the season, salt can cause rust or oxidation if left unattended. The results are pitting and scaling. Metals will fatigue or become so thin that the strength is diminished, thus producing failure of all manner of components.

A few small steps following each outing can save a lot of headaches and money. Flush the engine with freshwater for at least five minutes while running to achieve normal operating temperature, whenever possible. If you are using the flush port at the powerhead, make sure water runs out the bottom of the inlet screens and flush at idle speed only. Pay attention to any alarms and never leave the engine unattended when flushing. Consult the manufactures owner's manual for details.

Spray the hydraulic steering cylinder and tilt and trim casing with Corrosion X Red after flushing and before short or long-term storage. Corrosion X Red is excellent for wiping down stainless hinges, latches, and protecting all hardware. A light spray on the battery terminals and fuel/water separator filter is a good idea, too. Leave the hatches open during storage, at least partially, to avoid mildew buildup.

Removing the engine cowling and applying a light spray with Corrosion X Red every month or so is another good practice to help prevent corrosion. Check the engine oil and look for signs of anything abnormal; white salt trails or oil stains. Take a minute with the grease gun and lube all engine fittings that appear dry.

Have a great summer and stay safe!

Chris Mapp
Coastal Bend Marine – Port O’Connor, TX
361-983-4841 – [email protected]