Our Commitment to Your Continued Safety and Enjoyment on the Water

One of the most exciting aspects of our business is helping people recreate safely and keeping their products running smoothly on the water. Looking at 2021 from a technical perspective offers some new challenges. My background is heavily automotive diagnostics and repair with twenty-plus years in the business. I was motivated to change paths because of my passion for boats and the gulf coast.

Technology is shifting at rapid rates and to understand and be a part of this evolution is exciting. Evinrude, which has been the flagship brand for our dealership, is now gone except for service and warranty.

We have always trained vigorously through the years, and now starting in 2021, we have set up an in-house training center to increase knowledge to provide better service. Each tech and support staff must complete three hours per week of continuing education before attending a factory class each year.

Even with all the new technology, two basics are always constant, no matter how many engines or boat sizes. If you have a problem with your boat on the water, the two constant denominators to check first are fuel and fire. Did you squeeze the primer bulb to get fuel to the motor, and are the battery connections clean and tight?

Thank you and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Chris Mapp

Coastal Bend Marine | Port O’Connor, TX
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