Servicing Your Boat and Outboard…More Critical Now Than Ever

Servicing Your Boat and Outboard…More Critical Now Than Ever
Badly corroded trim and tilt motor casing; regular application of CorrosionX would have prevented this.

In today’s marketplace there are many basic parts, including many outboard engines of various horsepower ranges, that are almost impossible to get right now. We have many Suzuki and Mercury engines in stock, yet not the full scope we normally enjoy. The best way to avoid most repairs and parts delays is the professional once a year annual service and some self-service.

Washing the boat and flushing the engine with Salt Away or Salt Terminator quickly removes salt. Using Corrosion X Green on exterior steel parts and Corrosion X Red for steering and all other electrical circuits and connections is a must. PRI-G fuel additive should be run in every tank, it helps the engine’s economy and also reduces carbon build up. Woody’s Wax is the best at aluminum protection. We stock the full line of these products.

The accompanying pics of a Mercury tilt and trim motor and a powerhead are the results where salt has destroyed both aluminum and steel because of corrosion. Avoid costly repairs by self-servicing and seeing your dealer for annual maintenance visits.

Thank you and have a safe summer

Chris Mapp

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