Palomar Knot

Everett Johnson
Palomar Knot
The Palomar Knot is a one of the best anglers can use to attach terminal tackle. The Palomar is quick and easy to tie and will never slip, even with braid. Like all truly useful knots, the Palomar does not weaken the line in which it is tied. The dual strands of line through the eye of the hook are the basis for the Palomar's strength characteristics. If the Palomar has a down side it would be in the amount of line consumed when attaching large objects, a concern when tying leader material. The Palomar is suitable for attaching hooks and swivels and also lures equipped with a split ring.

Step One: Double the line and thread through the eye of the hook.

Step Two: Form an overhand knot in the doubled line above the hook.

Step Three: Run the loop extending from the overhand knot around the hook.

Step Four: Moisten the knot and work it tight by holding both strands to seat it and then pulling on each separately.

Step Five: Trim the tag end and bait up, you're ready to go fishing!