Wade Fishing Safety Advice

Joe Hunt
Dear Mr. Johnson,

I want to share an incident that happened to me this past week. Please mention to all to practice safety measures around boats all the time. Our attention drifts sometimes when on the water and when it does bad things can happen. As you will see, I was very lucky in this one.

While wading back to the boat, the engine was running at idle speed. I knew this but didn't realize it was idling in reverse. I know better than to be careless around running engines, but just didn't think; nor did the driver. By the time I realized the engine was in reverse the prop had already grabbed my stringer. Fortunately the loop on my wading belt tore away before it could drag me into the spinning blades. At the time I didn't think too much about it but I have now had a few days to realize just how lucky I was. Believe me when I say that it happened very quickly and innocently.

With spring springing, please remind everyone to check all their safety gear and "Think Safety" all the time. Accidents can happen to anyone, young or old, novice or expert. Both the driver and I are seasoned veteran boaters and fisherman. Just got careless and didn't think!

Joe Hunt Houston, TX