Troubleshooting Power-Pole Failures

Troubleshooting Power-Pole Failures

The Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchor is a wonderful and popular addition to your boat, but like any other electrical or hydraulic device, it is not immune to prolonged exposure to the damaging effects of exposure to seawater and condensation. The most common source of failure is the location in which the system is installed.

Moisture inside the Power Pole C-MONSTER pump housing is the most common source of failure. Upon inspection of the internal circuit board, it should always look clean and brand new; capable of passing a white glove test.

An electrical motor will often continue to work when exposed to excessive moisture, possibly even submerged, but will be compromised in some fashion and become a candidate for failure.

Repeated circuit board and motor failures raise a red flag, usually an indication that the pump is installed in either a moisture-rich environment or a compartment where water can enter and remain for extended periods. Wiring harnesses are also adversely affected by excessive exposure to moisture.  

Milky hydraulic fluid, emulsified causing coagulation, is another telltale sign that the pump has been installed in a less than ideal location – constantly getting wet or mounted in a moisture-rich environment.

Power-Pole provides excellent warranty coverage. Units under warranty are typically repaired at no charge to the customer. Units with expired warranty are repaired under a free diagnostics and labor policy, but the customer pays for parts – motors, circuit boards, wiring harnesses, etc.
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