Are You Ready to Start a New Season?

Summer boating and fishing will be in full swing before you know it and this is a great time to schedule a pre-season service visit.

Owners often ask what is included in this, what are the benefits, and what is the cost?

A full-annual service should be performed on all four stroke and two stroke outboards on a calendar year basis, or every 100 hours of operation. If you have not logged 100 hours since your last full-annual service, all outboards should at least have the lower unit lube changed and 4-strokes should have crankcase oil and filter changed to start the new season. Everybody understands oils are for lubrication but they are also designed to suspend contaminates, keeping them from damaging gears and bearings. New oil and lube at the start of the season prolongs outboard service life.

Average price for lower unit and engine oil services described above runs about $250 on 4 and 6 cylinder 4-strokes and usually less than $60 on two strokes.

The full-annual service is more comprehensive and consists of: Engine oil and lower unit lube service spark and compression tests, installing new spark plugs as required (S/B 200 hrs on 4-stroke and 100 hrs on 2-stroke) battery inspection (age and condition, wet cell batteries S/B replaced at 24-30 months), battery terminals cleaned and terminal locknuts installed, cables inspected for wear, cracks, etc. fuel lines inspected for wear, cracks and soft spots (in general fuel lines S/B replaced at approximately five years). High and low speed fuel filters changed, fuel/water separator filter changed. Vapor separator tank is removed for inspection of internal filter and all components for ethanol degradation. Main engine lube reservoir filter on 2-strokes inspected and/or replaced.

In addition; all fittings, fasteners, and powerhead are lubed and sprayed with Corrosion X Red. Lower unit is removed and water pump is inspected/replaced as necessary, prop is removed and seals inspected for fishing line wrap damage, prop shaft is inspected and lubricated, anodes inspected and/or replaced. All control switches are flipped to insure circuits and systems are working properly. Trailer lights are inspected, wheels are spun to check for bearing noise and bearing end play. Tires are inspected and inflation is checked.

The boat receives an on-the-water test run for proper propping and handling, the boat is washed and motor is flushed, trailer is rinsed. A full engine history service report is provided.

This full-annual service averages between $650-$750 for parts and labor on the average, not including batteries. This is excellent insurance toward preventing expensive failures down the road or possibly being stranded on the water. Peace of mind and protecting your investment go hand-in-hand and the best plan for long and trouble-free service life is comprehensive preventive maintenance.

Have an awesome season!

Chris Mapp

Coastal Bend Marine
Port O'Connor TX