Boat Maintenance Tips February '14

Boat Maintenance Tips February '14

Did you ever wonder what the most expensive part of boat ownership is? Is it the boat note? Is it the insurance? Is it storage? Is it the gear? Is it the fuel? Is it lack of knowledge?

Lack of knowledge is the area of boat ownership that is the most overlooked and is the most expensive. The old phrase Knowledge is Power is a very accurate way to describe the most expensive part of boat ownership.
Corrosion from saltwater is one of your boat's greatest enemies and a family of excellent products can help you fight it; CorrosionX Red, CorrosionX Green.

The use of Corrosion X, Red and Green, are the best you can use and each has its place. Here are my recommendations:
Application interval twice a year - CorrosionX Red should be sprayed under the engine cowling on all surfaces, avoiding the starter bendix, (this is where the starter teeth engage the flywheel). Spray the fuel water separator filter assembly, battery cable ends, Power Pole pump and jack plate pump.

Each trip - Spray the hydraulic steering cylinder stainless shaft on each side, this will keep the seals from getting hard and the shaft from pitting. Also spray the steering cable, jack plate slides/rollers after the boat is washed and before storing for next trip.

Application interval annual - CorrosionX Green, one dose on annual basis, is generally sufficient on the following areas; tilt and trim assembly, tiller arm, galvanized rims over the lug nuts and the trailer hubs. Please note that CorrosionX Green is not favorable for use on electrical wiring or fuel hose.

Hope this helps and if you have any question feel free to call. We go over these and other tips daily with our new boat/engine owners and service customers.

Chris Mapp
Coastal Bend Marine| Port O'Connor, Texas | 361.983.4841