Developments at Coastal Bend Marine

Developments at Coastal Bend Marine

I have been studying hull designs very intently the past few months because, in December 2019, I purchased Flats Cat Boats of Rosenberg. The original owner, Bill Allison, patented the design of the hull in the 1990s.

The lengths currently offered are 17, 19, and 21-foot models and we are working on a new twenty-four foot design. Many of the hull designs I have looked at with the designer allow us to insert different dimensions and evaluate the results on a computer screen for each hull characteristic selected.

The characteristics we are attempting to hone in on are the boat’s agility; shallowest draft possible, stability for the anglers onboard, ease of planing, a good turning radius, and reducing the stern from sucking down during initial take-off. All within the framework of a 10-year hull warranty.

Our current boat design allows the skeg to stay above the bottom of the boat, preventing scarring of  delicate seagrass beds, allowing anglers to glide over juvenile fish and oysters and, when in deeper water, posing no risk of propeller injury or death to dolphins here or manatees in Florida.

Fishing to me is about conserving what our grandfathers left us, and what we will leave to our grandchildren. Our goal is sustainability; to build a boat that reflects the values of anglers and naturalists while providing fun and recreation for the fishing enthusiast.

In conclusion, using updated composite materials blended with modern techniques and with new colors, Flats Cat is an attractive, well-constructed Texas-built flats boat that does not require high horsepower to perform well.

 Have a great spring season, and see you on the flats.

Chris Mapp

[email protected] – 361-983-4841