Electrical Fitting and Connection Corrosion

Electrical Fitting and Connection Corrosion
Regularly application of Corrosion-X would have prevented this.
Summer is always incredibly busy in the boating sales and service trades and this has been no exception. Customers bring all manner of boat problems to us and of course some are simply unfortunate cases of excellent and well-maintained equipment succumbing to everyday wear and tear. The majority though are caused by neglect over time, ethanol related fuel problems and a variety of electrical failures that arise from the harsh marine environment these boats see year around.

Focusing on electrical issues, the number one common denominator is boat accessory circuit failure brought about by corrosion. We see everything from engines not starting to baitwell and bilge pumps not working, running light issues–you name it. Trolling motors, Talon and Power Pole hydraulic anchor systems not operating are also very common.

Quite often the customer indicates they have already checked fuses and circuit breakers, checked for broken wires and wiggled connections, but without good results.

The diagnosis of any electrical issue starts with the basics. Battery condition, age of batteries, and cleaning of battery connectors are always a primary focus. Then we begin inspecting all related circuits and wiring. Fuses, circuit breakers and relay switches are evaluated in turn.

Electrical connections at the battery post-battery switch, circuit breakers and any place a mechanical connection is used should be tight and most of all, clean. Mechanical connection means nut, bolt and or any wiring splice.

The connection can look good and possibly even have a slight amount of visible surface corrosion, and it may seem like no big deal. All forms of corrosion, no matter how slight, can be a very big deal!

The attached photos should give an idea as to the extent of corrosion and deterioration we often see. What appears minor, as in the splice connectors, can shut entire circuits and systems down. Electrical connections are not just vital to accessory and component operation but also to longevity of electrical motors, etc. Voltage starvation will result in higher amperage causing premature failure.

We highly recommend regular inspection and application of Corrosion-X (red and/or green formula where appropriate) to prevent corrosion.

Have a great summer season.
Chris Mapp

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