Evinrude E-TEC 10-Year G1 and G2 Warranty

How does it compare? You do the math!

The Evinrude E-TEC 150 Gen 1 is a 60 V-6 that weighs 419 pounds. The E-TEC 150 Gen 2 is a 66 V-6 with non-power steering model weighing 496 pounds. The G2 cowling panels can be color coordinated to the boat.

The Suzuki 140 weighs in at 411 pounds. The Yamaha and Suzuki 150s are in-line four-cylinder four-strokes with dual overhead that weigh in at 465 lbs.

Yamaha offers the SHO models which on the V6 200,225 and 250 weigh a mere 505 pounds and include built-in low water pickups at the nosecone. All weights are approximate.

Evinrude states 3-years no maintenance and it is my belief, due to our water properties locally and based on 100 hours of operation per year, the preventive maintenance should be done on this basis. Every other year is fine if you're not running your boat 100 hours per year.

Other E-TEC Features:

-E-TEC outboards require no break in period.
-Being two-strokes, there are no engine oil filters to change and there is no oil crankcase extending below the waterline.
-There is a 1.8-gallon oil tank located in the boat for the G1, and on the G2 under the cowling, with an extra oil tank on the boat optional.
-E-TEC's standard fuel filters, water pump, lower unit lube system and grease fittings are all serviced during the annual maintenance.

The cost of the full-service PM and maintenance work for Yamaha and Evinrude is estimated at $850.00 plus tax. The Suzuki is closer to $950.00 plus tax, due to engine configurations and filtration systems.

All outboards should have the prop pulled on a regular basis to inspect for fishing line wrapped on the prop shaft.

Fuel additive is required for optimal fuel preservation and engine performance on all outboards.

Flushing the engine on all outboards is still very important after each use.

The main mechanical focus or benefit for the Evinrude E-TEC over four-strokes (our opinion) is that we experience no issues with prolonged or extensive idle speed operation that so often causes cylinder glazing in four-stroke outboards.

Evinrude offers larger cooling water intakes to enhance shallow water capability, reliably pulling more water when the engine is operated higher on the jack plate.

The Evinrude E-TEC is a two-stroke design, which by its very nature creates 50% more thrust - two revolutions will produce the same result as a four-stroke's four revolutions. And, the E-TEC has fewer moving parts. The fuel injected E-TEC is very quiet with very immediate throttle response.

Cost of fuel and the efficiency of the E-TEC will be very similar depending on operating rpm and engine load. In a word the E-TEC is very efficient. Four-strokes are slightly quieter at idle.

The E-TEC uses TCW3 oil though the XD50 oil is recommended and in bulk is $31.00 per gallon, pre-package is closer to $40.00 per gallon and you can expect to burn one gallon of oil per 30- to 35-gallons of fuel depending on load. The E-TEC computer-driven fuel system can be programmed to provide 20% oil consumption savings with XD 100 lubricant which is approximately $50.00 per gallon in pre-package or $40.00 per gallon in bulk with your container.

Suzukis and Yamahas come standard with 3-year warranty and the manufacturer's promotion offers two or three additional years at no cost, based on different promotions.

The Evinrude E-TEC warranty is 3-years standard on engine and accessories with additional 2-years promotional when you choose the system check rigging kit, including the control box, key switch, system check tachometer, oil tank and main harness. This warranty is for five years or 1000 engine hours, whichever comes first.

Evinrude is also offering a 10-year warranty for the engine and accessories (three-years standard and seven-years extended) if you choose to purchase the above items in lieu of the above rigging component offer. The 10-year promotional offer is limited to 1,500 hours (recreational use only) with $50.00 deductible after the initial three-year period.

Evinrude 10-year promotion expires March, 31, 2017, financing available. Bring us your trade-in.

Hope you have a great winter fishing season!

Chris Mapp

Coastal Bend Maine Port O'Connor, TX coastalbendmarine.com 361-983-4841