Evinrude Reinvents the Outboard Engine!

Evinrude Reinvents the Outboard Engine!
A two stroke on steroids, Evinrude reinvents the outboard engine with the new E-TEC G2 series.

Last month I had the privilege to visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin on beautiful Lake Michigan. This invitation-only event was hosted by BRP/Evinrude to unveil the new E-TEC G2 series to select Evinrude dealers from all over the world. Dealers from Brazil, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, New Zealand and even Texas were invited. This was a mammoth undertaking and it was delivered with the same precision that goes into the new G2.

A tour of the factory located in Sturtevant, Wisconsin was an outstanding experience, one that would make the founder of the outboard motor, Ole Evinrude proud.

The G2 will come in five different models; 200 H.O., 225 HP, 225 H.O., 250 HP, 250 H.O. and 300 HP.

Built upon innovation, technology and boasting the highest torque in the industry, this engine will take the outboard market by storm.

  1. Hundreds of bold color combinations will now allow the boat and engine to be color matched.
  2. The PurePower Combustion engineering with starboard-starboard engine design combined with E-Tec Direct injection is smooth, quiet, and extremely powerful.
  3. E-Tec G2 Engine is 15% more fuel efficient.
  4. Gearcase is sleek for less drag, built very heavy-duty with electric shift and runs 30 cooler. Want to check the gearcase oil? Pop the panel in 15 seconds and look at the oil tube which allows for inspection while the boat is in the water!
  5. Electronic controls and fly-by-wire design means instant shift and better control.
  6. Integrated hydraulic steering.
  7. Integrated Hydraulic steering assist.
  8. Extra Heavy duty engine brackets with oil lubed internal bearings.
  9. I-Trim means the engines trims itself so you don't have to.
  10. Dual Axis rigging saves space and, when you see the engine turn but the rigging stays stationary... What a clean concept!
  11. Beltless magneto alternator has 40% percent more electrical power available at idle for large electrical/electronic needs.
  12. No break-in, no oil changes, no oil tank on the boat and self-winterization features make this product both owner and pocket friendly.
  13. Cleanest engine on the market and that says a lot just by itself.
  14. The 250 H.O. will run on 87 Octane, has a 5 year non-declining warranty, produces 600 ft/lb torque and weighs only 537 lbs. The slim look is due to the 74 degree cylinder block design.
I have written countless articles on outboards/boats maintenance and repair, and when I say BRP/Evinrude got it right; I mean they got it right.

See for yourself: http://www.evinrude.com/en-USHave a great, safe, and fun season!

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