Harmful Effects of Ethanol in Gasoline

Harmful Effects of Ethanol in Gasoline
Besides fuel tanks, fuel lines and fuel filters, ethanol also wreaks havoc with filter housings—aluminum and plastic.
I do not believe a day goes by when I do not see ethanol-related problems coming into the shop. Ethanol in gasoline is costing recreational boat owners approximately 40% more in parts and service, dealing with its harmful effects, compared to the pre-ethanol days.

Ethanol is highly corrosive, separates from the fuel, draws in moisture like a sponge, can kill an engine, carburetors, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, plastic and aluminum filter housings–basically anything it comes into contact with over extended periods of time.

When a boat is brought in for service it is standard procedure to change all filters and we are seeing plastic filter housings swell after removal and if an hour in the freezer does not shrink the housing back to normal we have to discard it and install a new one. These housings range from $45.00 to $145.00 and I'm not talking solely filter systems located under the engine cowling. We see every component in the fuel system being affected in one way or another.

Fuel line cracking, splitting and degrading internally is one of the most common ethanol-related failures and we have tried every brand at our disposal to combat it. One brand of fuel line withstands ethanol better than any we have tried and it is marketed by BRP/Evinrude; part number: 0772565 is 3/8" size and 5/16" is 0772564.

The line is not inexpensive but it will last, it is very user-friendly, and has thus far produced remarkable results.

Fuel additives are our best defense in the fight against ethanol-related failures and for the past year we have experienced great success with BIOBOR-EB. Learn more at http://www.biobor.com/fuel-additives/gasoline-fuel-additives/. Fuel additives are a must today and the phrase we like to use when teaching folks is: "Every tank–every time!"

We are paying more for fuel blended with ethanol; we are paying more for parts and service to our boats, motorcycles, four-wheelers, weed-eaters, lawnmowers and chainsaws. Did you know that a boat today costs $1000 more because of the EPA laws regarding fuel systems and how the manufacturers must comply? This sounds like it is great topic for Texas Legislators.

The best medicine to slow down ethanol effects, in addition to a great fuel treatment like BIOBOR, is to run the boat and run it often.

Have a great winter fishing and hunting season!

Chris Mapp
Coastal Bend Marine
Port O'Connor, TX