Jackplate Maintenance

Jackplate Maintenance
Regular applications of CorrosionX Red will prevent problems with jackplate circuits and solenoids.

Shallow water fishing boats, including catamaran and tunnel hulls, have greater versatility with a jackplate. Jackplate failures can occur for a variety of reasons, yet proper care and periodic maintenance will eliminate most of them.

Bob’s Machine is a popular brand, and their two main offerings are the Flats Jac and the Action Jac.

-The Flats Jac has a detached Solenoid and hydraulic system, typically installed inside a rigging or storage compartment. The previously recommended hydraulic fluid was Mystik® 20w20 Non-Detergent Oil for earlier models. The newer model pumps require ISO 32 fluid.

-The Action Jac is self-contained, with a hydraulic pump and motor assembly integral to the jackplate. This system uses a separate sealed relay system, and the Action Jac motor pump assembly as of January 2020 has a five-year warranty. The fluid is non-serviceable to the consumer. The jack plate body has a lifetime warranty.

Flats Jac and Action Jac require regular lubrication with waterproof grease to keep the slides operating smoothly.

CMC Powerlift is another popular brand. The motor and hydraulic pump are of integral design with separate relays. The CMC Powerlift utilizes rollers and Nylatron self-lubricating washers. The fluid is 20w or 30w non-detergent oil, yet adding fluid is rare. Wash with soapy water after each use and lubricate the actuator and rollers with a light spray of CorrosionX Red – Do Not Use Grease!

A light spray of Corrosion X Red is effective for preventing corrosion on electrical relays and main body components for both manufacturers. The light spray will aid in softening hardened grease on jackplate low friction surfaces.

Have a great fall fishing season!

Chris Mapp
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