Monster Labor Day Customer Appreciation Sale

Coming on September 1, 2, and 3Coastal Bend Marine will be hosting our first Monster Labor Day Customer Appreciation Sale. The idea behind this event is to provide a great opportunity for customers to upgrade their current boat or outboard at substantial savings, and to move a little inventory.

And so you ask, "How does this fit into helping me with maintenance on my current boat and outboard engine?"

Here is the biggest take away for us this year. Since we started our boat and outboard motor maintenance education campaign here in the magazine years ago, we have been able to help quite a few folks diagnose and get answers which may have been a bit confusing to the average boat owner and hopefully saved you a few dollars and headaches along the way.

There is a vast quantity of older product in use today that needs to be upgraded due to mineral build up in the powerhead along with corrosion issues affecting the performance and reliability of key components. And there have been changes to motor fuels over the last few years!

Probably everybody has experienced E-10 ethanol fuel issues by now affecting fuel and air Injectors, air and fuel diaphragms, carburetor bowls, fuel pumps, and various other internal components you have yet to learn have been degraded over time. Couple all of this with the cost of maintenance and associated downtime and you can perhaps understand why we want to provide this opportunity to upgrade to newer product.

The outboard marine industry has been diligent in their engineering efforts and all the manufacturers are turning out vastly superior products that provide greater durability and reliability in all these areas. For example, Evinrude has been touting a three-year no maintenance policy and based on our experience they have made an outboard that performs remarkably on this long-range schedule.

Sure, we still need to pull props to check for fishing line wrapped on prop shafts, monitor fluid levels, etc., and if the hours of running time are above normal certain maintenance schedules may need to be pulled forward and service performed ahead of that three-year timeline.

The key thing to consider is that today's outboard warranties are generally longer and more comprehensive than ever in all brands which is of great benefit to owners, saving you money over the life of the product.

Yamaha has focused on their Maintenance Matters campaign to educate dealers and customers over the last few years as well.

Drop by our dealership with your old rig in tow or just drop in for a visit. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what we have available in terms of trade-in opportunities on low-hour used outfits and new products as well. Help us help you get on the water and stay on the water longer with less downtime.

We will have food, drinks and fun and you will get the best deal on new boats, motors, and trailers. We currently have 2015, 2016 and 2017 models in stock.

Here's a special incentive for TSFMag readers: Tear the page with this article from your magazine and bring it with you. Make your best deal, and I will give you an additional $500 off!

We appreciate you reading our column, your business and your loyalty.

Let's have a great September!

Chris Mapp

Coastal Bend Marine | Port O'Connor, TX | 361-983-4841