Preparing for Another Great Year on the Water

Preparing for another great year on the water, I would like to encourage all our customers to bring their boats in for annual service during the winter offseason. The offseason is the perfect opportunity to help each customer personally, unlike the craziness of spring and summer months.

On the engine side, we begin with a thorough visual inspection to identify sources of potential leaks – saltwater from the cooling system and engine oil. We inspect control cables for binding or hanging, chaffed or melted wiring, signs of mud dauber nests or other pests. Next we perform an engine history report, which includes spark and compression tests, replacing spark plugs, remove and inspect or replace thermostats, change oil and filter (four strokes), replace fuel filters (low and high pressure), remove the vapor separator tank to inspect internal filter (clean or replace), and replace pump grommet where needed. Remove the lower unit to replace water pump, change lower unit fluid, pull prop to inspect for wrapping of fishing line, inspect bearing carrier, install new pin in prop nut, grease shifting shaft and upper driveshaft fittings. Lube the swivel bracket and steering tube, lower carrier fitting if equipped, and shifting linkages fittings where equipped.

 The boat side annual includes; inspecting batteries for age and condition (wet cell replacement interval 24- to 30-months), all battery terminal connections and condition. Inspect fuel lines, clean remote oil tank, (two stroke), change the fuel-water separator filter, flip all switches to verify circuit integrity, and finally test run boat to verify prop and engine performance. Rinse boat, flush engine, and inspect trailer.

We have developed this service procedure over the twenty years we have been in business and we find that being thorough might cost more upfront but pays off in the long run for the customer.

As its name implies; annual service should be done once per year or 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first. When service hours are fewer than 100 per year a two-year schedule is sufficient. The average cost of parts and labor is $1000. Let us know if we can help you schedule your rig for a thorough annual service.

Here’s wishing everybody a safe and Happy New Year on the water!

Chris Mapp
Coastal Bend Marine | Port O’Connor, TX
61-983-4841 | Email: [email protected]