Preventing Corrosion, Mold, and Mildew

Preventing Corrosion, Mold, and Mildew
The current spring season has manifested the perils of a long, cold and wet winter—and with the extended storage time of several months, we are seeing more issues of corrosion from continuously wet and damp bilge areas and storage compartments.  This prolonged moist environment and the lack of prior (and regular) anti-corrosion protection is costing owners a lot of downtime and money that could have been easily avoided.

The salty moist air trapped in bilges and other compartments is very destructive to wiring, filter canisters, relays, solenoids, battery terminals and even stainless steel hardware.  Salt air can destroy anything and when a boat is stored with the hatches closed it accelerates this process tremendously.

The common stainless steel alloys used in marine hardware are not impervious to corrosion, it just takes longer.

Copper battery lugs will turn green as they develop corrosion and being in contact with stainless fasteners, the electro-chemical process known as dissimilar metals corrosion accelerates the damage—literally dissolving components.  Aided by battery voltage, what develops is a highly-corrosive destructive mixture.  This metal destroying process will start working its way into the attached battery cables and other wiring, especially if no heat shrink wrapping was used on the connections.

Corrosion X Red and Boeshield T9 are great anti-corrosion lubricant products to use on regular basis as protection against the elements.

When washing the boat, make sure to rinse the bilge area; always pull the drain plugs and open the hatches. Wipe down hatches that have remaining moisture. This moisture left unchecked will start molding and corroding every part of the boats interior.

Dry storage does not always mean dry. It is much like the difference between weather-resistant and waterproof.  Boats stored over the water will see accelerated deterioration via various corrosive processes by about 30% percent.

We recommend products that are quick-easy wipe down and will add a layer of wax when used.  We carry the Boat Bling line of boat care products; just a spray and wipe will remove water spots and close the porous openings on the fiberglass to keep the moisture from being held.  The Boat Bling brand has great products for cleaning and protecting vinyl as well.

No one wants to come back to a boat that has mildew, mold and corrosion, especially when the last time we put the boat in storage we worked extra hard to keep it nice.
Have a great and safe summer!

Chris Mapp