Products That Make Boat Cleaning and Maintenance Easy

Products That Make Boat Cleaning and Maintenance Easy
CorrosionX Red and Green formulas have earned a longstanding reputation as the best anti-corrosion protection on the market—popular with saltwater boat owners and mechanics in many industries.

Fishermen enjoy a long day on the water and return happy and satisfied to the dock. Fish are cleaned, rods and reels are rinsed along with waders and various wading gear and set aside to dry before stowing away. Now comes the not-so-fun task of cleaning the boat, flushing the engine and prepping the rig for storage until your next trip.

Attention to detail is a must to keep everything in good working order but there is a family of products that can make this part of your day a good deal easier, provide peace of mind that your boat is protected from the elements while in storage, and give you the confidence and confirmation of a job well done.

The products I am referring to are American-made, right here in Texas, and they work!

You are no doubt familiar with CorrosionX corrosion-inhibiting lubricants, yet very possibly unaware of the vast array of products Corrosion Technologies Corporation also offer for general boat care, boat cleaning, and maintenance. Without going into great detail, they also offer marine-grade greases, quick detail products, reel and gun lubes, boat waxes, a number of protectants for metal, glass, plastic and fiberglass, and also rust and stain removers.

Visit their website: and check out all their innovative products. You can also come by our shop located at 1808 W. Adams in Port O'Connor and see the wide selection of products we have on display and carry in inventory.

It is nice to have friends in this business and I have found CorrosionX products to be a trusted friend and hope you will too. We use these products daily in our shop and believe in them.

Thank you, and here's wishing you a fantastic spring fishing season.

Chris Mapp
Coastal Bend Marine
Port O'Connor, TX