This is the time of year when boats are stored for a season. What you have to spend in the spring can depend on what you do today. The critical part of winterizing your boat is knowing what to do and when to do it. If you fish year round and duck hunt during winter and the boat does not sit for more than 45 to 60 days you do not need to winterize, only stabilize.

Winterizing should be performed as soon as the last trip is done. What to do? Stabilize fuel system and fog engine. Spray CorrosionX Red on steering components, powerhead, pumps, jackplate and batteries. Lube all grease fittings on engine and jackplate as well as trailer wheel bearings.

Stabilizing and fogging: I do not recommend filling tank prior to storing. Treat the fuel in your tank with the proper amount of fuel stabilizer based on gallons in your tank and stabilizer package recommendation. Change fuel/water separator filter. Pour one ounce of stabilizer into new filter, pump fuel bulb, start and run engine on hose for 20 minutes at 1500 rpm. (The goal is to have treated fuel in the tank, fuel/water separator, fuel lines and engine fuel system.) Most additives need to be agitated, not just poured in, so drive around on the trailer a few minutes.

If you have been running a fuel additive every tank, read your product label to see if stabilization is part of the fuel additive formula; no need to double dose. Use engine fogging oil directly into intake during the last three to four minutes of engine operation and reduce RPM to idle. (Removing air box is usually recommended.)

Packets of rat poison in storage hatches are highly recommend if pets and children are not going to be a factor. Leave hatches open, pull drain plugs, turn battery switch off.

Sample lower unit fluid for water. Tilt engine all the way under and jack trailer up as high as possible. (The goal is to make sure all water is drained from bearing carrier/exhaust cavity in case we get a real Texas winter, don't want to be at home and can't remember). Disconnect fuel line at engine if so equipped, (usually standard on smaller hp engines).

This service will cost around $125.00 at service facility if time is not your friend.

Inboards should change oil and follow procedures above.

Have a great winter!

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