Final Chapter

With the arrival of Hurricane Harvey we have experienced the loss of much and will soon see the birth of many new things. Homes, boats, storage buildings, incomes, and lives have been changed. Some for the better and, unfortunately, some not. We experience loss and birth all at the same time, and as it is that all things must eventually change, I am concluding my monthly contribution of boat maintenance and tips articles after a long run here in Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine. I feel the time has come for customers and friends to receive information from a new perspective.

This announcement comes with a sense of loss and satisfaction all at the same time. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity Everett and Pam Johnson have provided me here and have great respect for all the TSFMag family and their enterprise. I also want to extend a very special thanks to Patty Elkins for all the help she has given me. There is new technology emerging within our industry, and I am going to be immersing myself and Coastal Bend Marine to follow this cutting-edge trend and learning all we can to continue providing the best possible service.

The second part of my desire is to use my knowledge and passion for the recreational fishing and boating industry to affect our legislative process on the State and Federal levels to adopt a friendlier, less-regulated position for the recreational mariner.

We as recreational sportsman and anglers spend millions/billions of dollars each year from our own pockets to enjoy the natural resources given to us by God. We are respectful and conserve these resources; yet we support an industry which has too many restrictions from a governmental standpoint. We must thank and give credit where due to CCA and TPWD for the “Keeping it Wild” Reef systems; while at the Federal level, our government has not recognized the recreational fishing and boating industry as the economic contributor we are. I look forward to advocating for our industry and our rights as anglers.

Chris Mapp
Coastal Bend Marine | Port O’Connor, Texas
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