Light it Up! Take Advantage of LED Technology

Bobby Byrd
Light it Up! Take Advantage of LED Technology
From underwater lights to spreader lights LED technology is improving the way you light up your boat. LED lights have many advantages over traditional light sources and are being used in more applications every day. They have a very low current draw, produce very little heat, can operate on DC voltage ranging from 12 to 32 volts and have a ridiculous life expectancy of like 50,000 hrs. That's over 2000 days at 24 hrs a day! More versatile, durable and reliable, these lights can be used in a variety of applications for just about any lighting need you have.

One of the most popular boat accessories in the last few years has been the underwater light. On fishing boats, underwater lights are used to attract bait and gamefish at night. Many use them while fishing for tuna and swordfish. Light attracts flying fish, one of the tuna's favorite snacks. Fishermen light up the water and attract flying fish and other bait into the lights while drifting. Live flying fish that are netted and put back on the hook are one of the best baits you can use to target a big yellowfin tuna. Fishing for swordfish is steadily gaining popularity with recreational fishermen and underwater lights play a role here also. According to many of the boats fishing for swordies, blue lights are the way to go. Underwater lights are typically mounted facing aft, some are mounted facing straight down and some on the side of the boat. Tournament fishermen have been known to use downward pointing lights and strobes during the day to attract attention from deep swimming billfish while trolling.

Underwater lights are traditionally HID or High Intensity Discharge type lights with substantial power needs, large housings, high heat output and quite expensive. They are used on larger boats and have a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Most lights come in different colors. The most popular are white, green and blue. The newer LED or Light-Emitting Diode lights have many advantages over these larger lights. The lower amp draw allows you to run directly off your batteries instead of using a 110 VAC - 12 VDC converter making them much simpler to hook up. LED lights can also be left on while running, whereas HID lights will burn out if left on out of the water. Large LED's can be traditionally mounted like the HID's, but the really big advantage, especially for smaller boats, is that the LED technology can be designed as a surface mounted light. These surface mounted LED's require a much smaller hole thru the hull - making them easier to install. DeepSea Power and Light even makes a surface mounted LED light that is dimmable and has a strobe setting. HID's are the brightest, but the LED is still very bright and we think has many more advantages.

But waitthere's more It doesn't stop with underwater lights. LED's can be used all over the boat. Many boats used halogen type recessed lighting inside and these lights put out a lot of heat and are notorious for burning out. Some boats have even caught fire! LEDs solve this problem creating much less heat and with their extreme life expectancy rarely need changing. On the helm, LED's can be used to light the helm deck up or turn red and dim to read a chart. How about spreader lights? You know, those big fixtures up high that corrode and use expensive bulbs how about very small, low amp LED's in plastic housings that can be used individually or stacked together to create as much light as you need and you never have to replace the bulb! They are made by Vision Xand can be used wherever needed on the boat; they can even be used on the front of your hunting truck! How many times do you have problems with running lights and trying to change bulbs while hanging on the side of your boat? Not any more! Change them to LED's and you're done! Just about any other lighting need can be solved with LED's; courtesy lights, accent lighting, rope lights, below deck lighting, cabin, console, flybridge, cockpit; you name it! If you haven't already got them, take a look at LED's and see how they can improve the way you light up your boat.

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