Don’t Let Cold Hands Stop You!

TSFMag Field Staff
Don’t Let Cold Hands Stop You!

Wintertime wade fishing and trophy-sized speckled trout are nearly synonymous. Only problem is, the fishing is usually best when the weather turns really nasty. By nasty, we mean water temperature in the high-40s to low-50s, with the thermometer hovering likewise, or a bit lower. Throw in a north breeze for additional windchill and your fingers go numb just thinking about it.

Wade fishing, by definition, means your hands are likely going to be wet most of the time, you just can’t avoid it. Landing and handling fish, even with a Boga Grip, means another cold dunking. And, you’re praying to do it often.

We have tried many ways over the years to prevent our hands and especially our fingers becoming so cold and numb that we cannot work the reel properly. Which translates, unfortunately, to not feeling subtle taps on the Corky. Yeah, we feel aggressive strikes when they almost yank the rod from your hands, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

Fish Monkey to the rescue!

In the accompanying images you will see Fish Monkey’s Wooly Half Finger Wool Fishing Glove and 6 Mil Thickness Nitrile Gloves. We believe this to be the hot setup…pun intended.

Wool is a wonderful fabric with amazing heat retention properties, even when wet. Slip on a pair of nitrile gloves under your woolies and you’re working cold prevention from two angles. Yes, some water will eventually creep into your nitrile gloves but, like a wet suit, that water eventually warms to a more comfortable temperature…thanks to the heat retention properties of your Wooly Half Fingers.

Bottomline is, you can only suffer cold and numbness in your fingers for so long until you’re either missing bites or unable to cast and retrieve the lure properly. Don’t fight it. Get your Fish Monkeys working for you and enjoy that trophy quest you waited all year for.